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What is the MusIC™ Process?

All audio circuits are susceptible to parasitic error mechanisms, mechanical and electrical effects that distort and alter the musical signal passing through them. To make matters worse, these distortions differ depending on the size and nature of the signal and effect not just resolution and information, but time and phase relationships within the music. The result is a loss of detail and transparency, but also a blurring of the timing and rhythmic patterns that define music and separate it from random noise.

Wadax Labs (based in Madrid, Spain) have developed a sophisticated digital domain response to this problem. Using complex mathematical algorithms, they have been able to accurately model the behavior of a complete digital replay chain, from A to D input, through the digital to analogue converter and the associated analogue output stages that go with it. The model accurately predicts the error effect introduced by changing input loads, so that by examining the input signal, it is possible to add a corrective, error cancellation signal to eliminate the distortion. Built into their own, proprietary VLSI chipset (the MusIC Chip) this technology forms the musical heart of the state-of-the-art Wadax Pre 1 digital convertor/control unit, a product that has redefined the musical possibilities of digital replay systems. Incredibly versatile and musically accomplished, the Pre 1 has redefined performance expectations in the high-end audio community – at a price. This unique combination of do-it-all convenience and astonishingly musical performance doesn’t come cheap.

Which is where MiZiK comes in

By cutting the available facilities back to what people actually need and use (rather than including absolutely everything, just in case) you can reduce the massive amount of processing power demanded by the MusIC algorithms, allowing them to be loaded into commercially available chipsets, rather than the massively expensive, bespoke MusIC Chip. This has allowed MiZiK to incorporate the MusIC Process and its remarkable musical benefits into units that are a fraction of the price asked for the Pre 1. By further separating the essential functions into independent units that can be used on their own, or conveniently combined using the MiZiK Link HDMI bus-system, users can invest by stages in just the facilities they require, creating an incredibly practical and cost effective way of accessing this remarkable technology.

MusIC™ is a trademark of Wadax Labs.