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MiZiK System

• New Shape • New System • New Solution •

MiZiK is different. It uses different thinking and different technology to achieve a totally different level of performance. File replay has changed the audio landscape, shifted priorities and altered system architecture: MiZiK embraces that future – without abandoning the past. An “all-source” control solution, it accepts signals from black disc, silver disc and hard disc, applying its unique, proprietary and super-sophisticated MusIC Process technology to reproduce music with astonishingly natural clarity and intelligibility. It’s modular format and touch screen interface allows users to configure the MiZiK system precisely to their needs and to grow the system as required. The HDMI-based MIZiK link allows single cable communication between the system elements, although each is also a standalone unit that can be added to and enhance the performance of any system.

Their singular sculptural design and construction has been conceived by industrial design company Ochoa y Diaz-Llanos to match any home décor.

dPlay DA Pre – versatile multiple input DAC (Digital/Analogue Converter) for use with CD type S/PDIF and computer sources via USB.

dVin – fully configurable vinyl record replay stage/A to D, with switchable EQ curves and rip-ready USB as well as S/PDIF output.

dStream – the heart of the MiZiK system, provides network interface and music file replay as well as an SSD storage option, but also provides the revolutionary feed-forward error cancellation technology (the MusIC process), which makes the MiZiK system outperform even the most expensive DACs.

MiZiK is built around MusIC Process technology from Wadax Labs. This uses a combination of unique, digital feed-forward and state-of-the-art non-linear system modeling techniques, to create an extremely sophisticated error cancelation process that avoids signal contamination, yet eliminates the parasitic time and signal errors that afflict conventional dynamic systems. Appling it to digital to analogue conversion and phono applications allows unprecedented levels of performance, natural tonal and timing information, a musical connection that really does combine the best of analogue with the best of digital.

But best of all is the cost – MiZiK is a real-world system at a genuinely real-world price. 21st Century technology for 21st Century systems with a 21st Century ticket, it serves the music of the ages. One listen and you’ll be convinced.

MiZiK : The Revolutionary Universal, Digital, Control Solution. (PDF)


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