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Picture 1662The dVin A to D – vinyl replay for the 21st Century!

Record replay: the Achilles Heel of digital-only control options. MiZiK doesn’t just offer a record replay option, the performance it delivers is exceptional. The dVin phono-stage will accept input signals from a record-player or a standard line-level source. The phono-stage offers four different sensitivities, to suit a range of both moving-magnet and moving-coil cartridges. But what makes the dVin unusual is that it takes those fragile analogue signals and converts them to digital, using a high-performance 24bit/96kHz A to D converter. It then outputs them as an S/PDIF data-stream or via USB for those who want to rip their vinyl to a network server.

But dVin doesn’t stop there. It also offers a choice of RIAA, Decca and Columbia EQ curves for vinyl replay, optimizing the sound quality of your records for listening and archival purposes. Of course, you can use the dVin with any existing DAC (or any analogue line-stage), but connect it to a dStream via the MiZiK Link HDMI bus and you get another significant step up in performance, the MusIC Process enhancing the A to D performance still further.

For some the resurgent popularity of vinyl records is somewhat ironic, at a time when downloadable music formats seem set to oust physical media. Yet for dedicated audiophiles, vinyl records have never gone away and still offer the best available performance, a performance only recently (and rarely) challenged by the highest-resolution native digital files. With MiZiK you no longer have to choose, with dVin offering the most affordable and versatile high-quality vinyl replay available, taking advantage of the sophisticated digital technology that makes the dStream and dPlay such exceptional performers. With MiZiK you get the best of both worlds, analogue and digital; your records will never have sounded so good

dVin Phono-stage

Analogue Inputs:
1 pair of RCA for direct cartridge connection
1 pair of RCA for line level

Phono Gain: 2 settings
MM: 34dB / 44dB
MC: 66dB / 72dB

Phono Loading:
MM: 47K / 100pF
MC: 100 ohms / 100pF

Phono EQ Curves:
RIAA, Decca, Columbia

Power In: Reserved for future upgrades
USB type A: for firmware upgrades and servicing
Ground post

Digital Outputs:
USB type B: to connect to a computer (PC or MAC) and archive the contents. Asynchronous.
MiZiK Link: for connecting with other MIZIK equipment.

Analogue Output:
1 pair of RCA for line level