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The dStream Streamer/Server and system enhancer – it really is three in a box!

In many ways the dStream is the heart of the MiZiK system. Although on paper it might look like the least glamorous component, in reality it is essential to achieving the full functionality and versatility the MiZiK system can provide – as well as the best possible performance from its MiZiK system partners.

As a network streamer it allows you to interface your audio system with your home network, accessing downloadable files and music stored on your computer or portable devices. It also offers an SSD storage slot, allowing you to use it as a high-quality audio-dedicated server, as well as wireless connectivity so that you can drive an entire MiZiK system from your iPad.

But its most important function is to add additional MusIC processing power to both the dVin phono-stage and dPlay DAPre. As good as those units sound as standalone devices, they sound better still when they are hooked up to the dStream via the MiZiK Link HDMI system bus. Whether you start your MiZiK system with the dStream or add it to a dPlay or DVin at a later date, it offers the perfect step by step upgrade path for any system.

dStream Streamer/ Server and Mathematical Engine

RJ45 Ethernet connection
Internal WIFI Access Point: the unit provides all necessary network elements to make it work. No need to be a technician. Just an iPad or Android control package/App is needed to play/operate.
Power In: Reserved for future upgrades.
2.5” bay for SSD storage.

At launch it will be able to serve DSD, DSD2x, PCM up to 192KHz/24. A future software release will enable DXD 352.4KHz and PCM up to 384KHz/32 bits.

For future use:
USB type A: for firmware upgrades and servicing.
USB type A: for future use

1 SPDIF (RCA): up to 192KHz / 24 bits to ensure compatibility with any existing DAC.
MIZIK link (input and output) for connecting with other MIZIK equipment.

The server/streamer can be controlled by any DLNA/uPnP compatible app, or by our custom app.