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The dPlay DA Pre – the true DAC and system controller.

The increasing range of and reliance on different digital source components has place the DAC (digital to analogue converter) at the very center of system architecture. With multiple, switchable inputs to handle the various digital transfer standards, it has become the clearing-house for multiple source systems. Add a volume control to the analogue output and suddenly the DAC can take over the switching and control functions previously carried out by the line-stage. But what looks good on paper often fails to deliver in the real-world complexity of an actual system. A high-quality analogue stage is essential to driving your interconnect cables and power amplifier properly. Adding an attenuator to the analogue output stage of a DAC simply won’t do – unless of course, that output stage matches the quality of the one in a high-end line-stage. That’s exactly the premise on which the dPlay is built.

The revolutionary MusIC Process delivers peerless performance from the DAC, while a dedicated, fully differential analogue output stage provides both single-ended RCA and balanced XLR outputs. With high-resolution capable S/PDIF and USB inputs, the dPlay will interface perfectly with the most popular digital transfer standards, while the robust output stage will drive your power amp with real musical muscle and authority. The dPlay can be operated from its incredibly intuitive, automatically rotating touch-screen display, a hand-held remote (optional) or, when used with the dStream, playback can be fully controlled using the MiZiK App, loaded onto your iPad.

A remarkable performer as a standalone unit, adding the dStream to the dPlay to create a two-box network capable system (via MiZiK Link) further enhances the MusIC Process capabilities and the musical performance that results. The dPlay can also be orientated vertically, or horizontally in either aspect, as well as stacked with other MiZiK units. Capable of competing with DACs at many times the price and outperforming all but the very best and most expensive dedicated line-stages, the MiZiK dPlay represents a genuine paradigm shift in price/performance expectations. Give the MiZik dPlay a listen – you won’t be disappointed.

dPlay DAPre:

Digital Inputs:
1 SPDIF (RCA): up to 192KHz / 24 bits
1 USB Asynchronous: supported formats – PCM up to 192KHz / 24 bits, DSD, DSD2X. MacOS and Windows supported.
MiZiK Link: for connecting with other MIZIK equipment.
Power In: Reserved for future upgrades.
USB type A: for firmware upgrades and servicing.

Analogue Outputs:
1 pair of RCA.
1 pair of XLR Balanced.