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How Much MiZiK Do You Need??

Complete MiZiK systems consist of three boxes – but each one does a specific job and also works as a standalone unit.

dPlay DA Pre – versatile multiple input DAC (Digital/Analogue Converter) for use with CD type S/PDIF and computer sources. Single-ended RCA and balanced XLR variable outputs.

dVin – fully configurable vinyl record replay stage/A to D, with switchable EQ curves and rip-ready USB.

dStream – the heart of the MiZiK system, provides network interface and music file replay as well as an SSD storage option, but also provides the revolutionary feed-forward error cancellation technology (the MusIC process), which makes the MiZiK system outperform even the most expensive DACs.

Use dVin, dPlay or dStream as high-quality standalone solutions as part of your current system.

If you have a DLNA-compatible streamer or any DAC with SPDIF input, then you are ready to try MiZiK dStream.

Add dStream to access network replay and further enhance dVin and/or dPlay digital performance.

Start with one box and add a second or build a complete system.

Click Here for full system configuration options (PDF)